Amy’s Beautiful Produce Weighing Stand

Happy Independence Day to my American readers. I hope you all get to spend some quality time with family while eating watermelons and blowing things up.

At the beginning of this year I built a produce weighing stand to keep track of our garden yields.

So far we’re up to over 300lbs of produce, and it hasn’t been a great year for yields. Seeing what you’re bringing in, number by number, is encouraging and gives you a number to beat. Plus, it looks cool when you weigh piles of veggies on YouTube.

I posted the produce weighing station build video here:

Recently, Amy wrote “Thank you so much for sharing your video. I used your example to build my own weigh station for my garden.”

With that email, she shared this picture:

Since that was just a piece, and looked unfinished, I asked if she would send more pictures. After finishing the project, she did.

Wow. That is impressive!

It blows mine away.

I think she knows it, too:

Nice work, Amy – thank you for the pictures. I particularly like the rising fence boards along the back.

In this video you can see more of Amy’s work:

One of the best things about being a writer/YouTuber and sharing my work with others is some of the beautiful work and ideas I get to see in return.

Garden photos, baby pictures, book recommendations, fruit trees, produce weighing stations… I love it.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Amy.

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