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What to do with Extra Potting Soil

Michelle asks about a pile of potting soil:

My husband and I are in the process of purchasing an old farmhouse with 20 acres of mostly pasture. Included in the deal are 11 pallets of potting soil. There are about 450 bags, 2cf each. What is the best way to maximize this? There are no dedicated garden areas as yet. We’ll be starting from scratch. The plan is to start grocery row gardens.

My reply:

I would start a small plant nursery and propagate lots of seeds and cuttings with it. Potting soil is valuable. You can easily start figs, pomegranates, stone fruits, apple seedlings, berries, etc., then you’ll have them for your Grocery Rows.

It’s really easy to set up a backyard nursery space, and it’s almost like printing money.

Plants are expensive but once you know how to propagate your own you’ll save a ton.

That potting soil can be turned into thousands of dollars worth of plants. Take full advantage of the gift you’ve been given! You can build soil on your land without using the potting soil for it.

Get some cheap pots from or another bulk outlet and get planting.

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