It’s a New Week…

…and we’re back filming in the garden.

Today we’re finishing a video covering how we reset a Grocery Row Garden for a new season of gardening. We’re harvesting potatoes and replacing them with okra, watermelons and sweet potatoes.

At the same time, we’re testing out a new (for us) lens – the Soviet MIR-1B 37mm/F2.8. It’s a moderate wide angle lens that’s a bit weird to use.

Here are some still shots from the video:

It’s not my favorite, but we’ll see how the rest of the filming goes. The lens flare is cool, but the rendering is just so-so on everything else. Rachel is good at figuring out these old lenses. Some of them look better on video than others, however. I’m not sure if I like this lens enough to keep it – it may be sent off to ebay if it doesn’t give me a compelling reason to stick around. We’ll have to get more flares out of it and see if they provide a good enough reason to keep it.

This weekend we decided to start filming at least two YouTube videos per week. Lately I’ve been down to just one, because we’ve been busy setting up the cows and a milking routine, plus life keeps getting in the way.

However, we hit 200,000 subscribers this last week.

YouTube could become our full-time job as this point, so we really should push it harder.

I’m just an artist who ended up a writer who ended up a YouTuber. It’s amazing to see the growth here. Thank you all for joining me on the journey!

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