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NEW BOOK RELEASE: The South Florida Gardening Survival Guide

Ah, sunny South Florida, where the days are long and warm and all the dirt looks suspiciously like beach sand.

There I learned to grow gardens despite the climate, the insects, the humidity and the lack of decent soil.

Back in 2020, an exasperated gardener asked me to write a book just for South Florida. Over the last two years (in between many other projects), I managed to do just that.

Today we are very pleased to announce the Good Books publication of The South Florida Gardening Survival Guide.

If you live from the border of zone 9 to the most tropical portions of Florida, this book is for you. It also applies to gardeners living within a few miles of the warm waters of the Atlantic along the coasts of Florida.

In it you’ll discover:

How to grow the plants that LOVE Florida
How to make the most of a small space
How to defeat the pests (including iguanas!)
How to keep your family fed on good food year-round
How to turn Florida sand into decent soil

…and a lot more!

It also features very entertaining illustrations by artist Tom Sensible, who I had an immense amount of fun working with.

You can get the paperback book on Amazon here.

And direct from the publisher’s store here, if you would rather avoid Amazon.

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