Yes, Mushroom Compost CAN Kill Your Garden

I recently reposted this comment on my YT channel:

To which I got some replies from people who were incredulous about the idea of mushroom compost causing issues.

One commenter remarked:

“Doubtful mushroom compost had Grazon since it was used to grow mushrooms it wasn’t composted down enough more then likely and is hot still.”

My response:

“No – consider what is used in it. ‘The recipe for mushroom compost varies from company to company, but can include composted wheat or rye straw, peat moss, used horse bedding straw, chicken manure, cottonseed or canola meal, grape crushings from wineries, soybean meal, potash, gypsum, urea, ammonium nitrate and lime.’ (link) 

The vector is that horse bedding, or possibly the straw.

From another site: ‘Commercially, the mixes vary from grower to grower; although, most substrate mixes usually consist of chopped straw, poultry and horse manure, gypsum, nitrogen-containing compounds, and water.’

That horse manure WILL often contain Grazon.”

Don’t underestimate how incredibly screwed up the world is!

It’s not about the compost being “too hot” or “applied wrong.”

It’s toxic, because the entire chain of inputs has become toxic thanks to these bastards and their chemical warfare against life.

You can learn more as well as support my work by picking up a copy of Compost Everything. I wrote that book because I was frustrated with toxic garden inputs.

You just can’t trust purchased compost, manure, hay or straw. Period.

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